For us, the Network Dessous is a force for creativity and an inspiration from the historical and cultural memories of every country, of a society, of art, of culture … through such diverse displays, an evident and contemporary "exhibition".
For this reason, the group is ‘different’ each in its own way in its own country but in a global and continuous fashion, giving the maximum exposure possible to art and creativity with special events and sponsorship.
All our magazines devote one important place to ideas and to artists and in some countries even with regular indexes.
An obvious example (of the connection - art/idea/fashion –) are the shows and events sponsored by the
Network Dessous, often in bold displays.
We can claim credit for two tributes of enormous success in recent years.

The Bra: the Century of the Bra
Developed on more than 300 sq metres at Lyon Mode City, this display presented from private collection of
Samuele Mazza, a selection of over 250 models (a small but most creative part of the bra collection): to more than 1,000 leaders, the collection was executed by artists, painters, sculptors and designers, historians and show business …

Compressed Air
In about 200 sq metres (again at Lyon Mode City) a display dedicated to the last 40 years of swimwear with a vintage collection of unique pieces collected all over the world on the trendiest beaches.
With the assistance of a.n.g.e.l.o., one of the most esteemed European Vintage House.

"Haute Séduction" for the 50th anniversary of Linea Intima,An itinerant exhibition of works by modern artists, "Haute Séduction" centered on the sensorial developments of the corset: this was one of the themes used by Linea Intima in 2006 to celebrate its 50 th anniversary.The exhibition's "journey" started in Bari, the first trade fair in 2006, and after visiting the most important European fairs of the sector in 2006, the final show took place in Cannes, the last event of the trade calendar. The exhibition was represented in all the shows our press group participates in with its big red stands, as one of the main players on the international scene for this trade field which the magazine has greatly contributed to promote.


01 INTIMA (France) 06 SOUS (Germany)
02 CHICK (Portugal) 07 INTIMA ASIA (Asia & Pacific Area)
03 LINEA INTIMA (Italy) 08 MODY (Poland)
04 CYL (Spain) 09 PUNTOYSEGUIDO (Argentina)